North Facing House

North Facing House

In real sense the solutions of all problems can be found in North direction and it enhances our reputation.  No problem stands unresolved in this direction.  If we analyze the ten principle features of this direction, it transpires that Lord Kubera, the custodian of the wealth of all the Divine beings is the deity of this direction.  Hence, the ruler of this direction can handle and also confer huge quantum of wealth.  From my vast experience in the filed, in a vastu with northern entrance there is absolutely no dearth of prosperity and is characterized by perennial flow of wealth.

1.    Slope on the Northern side is advantageous and confers prosperity.

2.    There is financial gain in every respect if open space is specially left in the North.

3.       Location of well or underground water tank in the North direction is auspicious.

4.       An entrance in the North facing North is beneficial.

5.    Entrance in the North facing North East confers wealth, progeny and all benefits.

6.     A verandah in the North will yield abundant prosperity.