Namrata Thapa Rao

Hi my name is Namrata Thapa Rao I am an actor by profession I work in Tv serials, Ads and Films.And I got to know about Vasturaviraj through online I was just searching for nice Vastushastra course and somehow on the very first moment only Vasturaviraj website poped up and I don't know within a fraction of seconds I was sure that I am going to do my course from this institution only.So I told my family member that I am doing this Vasturaviraj Pendrive course from Vasturaviraj Institution. So it was miracle kind of thing for me. Iam very much happy and convinced and relaxed mentally that Iam in right hands. Dr. Raviraj sir's teaching level is very easy. He has a habit to repeat the topic again and again and I felt this is very good for students. I am very happy about that i have done course from this Vasturaviraj course . Every staff is very good and definitely Manisha madam as Iam living in outstation I used to call for updation of Next lecture, house visit and several question during the course and she has corporated with me very nicely and patiently.And you really want make your profession in vastu or you just have hobby in vastu I would really like to recommend this institution. And I can give you Assurity 100 not 200 percent that you are in right hands.And I am really really grateful and thankful to my guru, now Dr. Raviraj sir is my guru in vastushastra and also in life because he not just give you guidance on spiritual level but also in personal life.Thank You to all the member of Vasturaviraj