Iswari Redij

My name is Ishwari Redij and I am a architecture student I am currently in final year I wanted to do this Vastushastra course for a long time but the reason basically I wanted to do is to connect Vastushastra with architecture and how i can imply the Vastushastra things to my architectural designs because this is going to be my last thesis here. I went to a lot of random institutes but nobody offered me a full time or may be part time long duration course and the other thing which they did not give me was the scientific reason behind the placement of door, or window or the room placement anything. I randomly started surfing on internet for the random institutes then I came across this Vasturaviraj Institute of Vastushastra and then I just called up in the office and I asked them do you have Vastushastra course and they were like yes we do have, I was like what do you have to offer, they explained me the full time course and also a part time course which is regular and Pendrive course. The regular course is like you come once in a week in a classroom you will discuss with experts and with the students. Pendrive course was comfortable for me since I am a Architecture student I don’t have lot of time to give like I can not come here for 3 hours to sit so it was very feasible for me to take the lectures at home and see for a week according to my time availability so, that is the plus point of this institute.And obviously the other thing is, nobody in the market now in today's time will offer you a 6 month course. The other thing which I liked about this institute is the responsibility, yes they do take responsibility of the student !!.You have to give your exam whatever you learned in this 6 months. The things which I have learned in this course were the problems like first I have to learn the problems then the solution what should be the ideal solution , what will be the ideal conditions and then the remedies which plays a important part in this course.In this institute they have a solution without demolition the structural elements of the building. So I was very happy with the course and with all the experts and whenever I get a chance or doubt I can randomly turn up to their office and randomly ask them question and every expert the senior most expert is available for me if they are available in the office obviously and I would really like to recommend everybody this course. Thank You