Kavita Damle

Hi, I am Kavita Ajit Damle I have been student of Vasturaviraj since 2015. I did my Basic course and I was practicing very well but then we got an announcement of VastuRaviraj Advance Course and I was very curious to know what the advance course is all about ?? Then we got a syllabus of it and it was very interesting and exciting.We learned more deeper in Advance course like 32 direction, the Padamandals and its get more exciting every time whenever new topics comes up like Geopathic stress. The way Manjushree Madam explains it in details it gets more easy to understand and Learn.We also had Actual field visit, and also learned to see how to find the Geopathic Stress and I think it is very rare that such kind of knowledge on direct ground is given to anyone today. I really Thank Raviraj Sir and Manjushree Madam for this opportunity.