Sameeta Rane

Hi Iam Mrs. Sameeta Rane I was introduced to this VastuRaviraj institution by my husband for a foundation course, after the course was completed in May we decided to start with the Advance course. The foundation course given by Raviraj sir was so strong and Manjushree Mam helped me to build a beautiful structure, a very solid structure in this advance course. During the advance course we learned the very fine things which made me a better person as a vastu consultant.Initially I was only knowing 8 directions but now I know 32 directions, I know 45 deities are present who are ready to give us as Manjushree mam puts in her words that deities are sitting to give us. And the same thing I want to do for each family I will be attending today and later on. So I just want to tell that this is a beautiful course and the way Manjushree mam puts it across to us the Geopathic stress, the curry lines and all this things which was such a different world from the everyday world that we have been living as a normal person and today when I look each family I can help them and Iam extremely glad for giving me this power where I can go out and help people. So thank you so much Mam and sir, God bless you and please continue to support us and be like this in my life forever.