Sandeep Gaonkar

Hi, Iam Sandeep Gaonkar student of Advance Vastushastra from Vasturaviraj family. I stood first in both basic and advance course. I want to share my experience and views about the Vastu Advance course.Actually during my basic course when I came across the first interaction with Raviraj Sir, my very first question to him was, "Sir when are you starting Advance course in Vastu?" and 2 years after that incident Madam started with the first batch of Advance course. Our basic course gives us the comprehensive and entire basic and concepts of Vastushastra. While the advance course give us the clarity and finest idea as to why the things are as they appear while practising the vastu projects and residential and commercial. The difference is we go from macro to micro level of vastushastra when we go for dividing the vastu in 36 direction and 81 padamandals instead of dividing it to 8 directions and predicting about the vastu doshas.Madam has taken great pains in designing the course to the level of our understandings as when before doing the course from Madam, whatever I read about the Advance course topics in vastushastra.I hardly could read it tot the clients Vastu Map. But with the simplicity Madam taught the course, I never ever faced the difficulty as I encountered before doing the advanced course.Hence therefore my opinion is that if one really wants to gain the confidence and correctness to the macro levels while doing projects visits in Vastu and if one really wants to understand the true power of the vastushastra, one should do the Advance course designed and being taught by respected Manjushree Madam.