Vinay Date

Hello, My name is Vinay date by profession Iam a Professor. I have done Basic Course from Vasturaviraj Institute only and very soon I got to know about VastuRaviraj Advance course and I was very excited to know what exactly it is and Institute have clearly explained me the details.The Journey of Advance Course 7 lectures was superb. First we used to work on 8 directions now we got to know 32 directions, Geopathic Stress, Secret of Temples, the placement of Padamandals etc. And the way Manjushree Madam has explained its characteristics, uses, remedies are so easy and understandable.Advance Course has gave me a deep knowledge about vastushastra. It's just like we have got an Sword to help others with this knowledge. I really like to thank Raviraj Sir and Manjushree Madam for their corporation and Blessings.