Vastu For Health

Vastu follows some prescribed norms that must be followed in a house to achieve good health and wealth. Here are enumerated some Vastu principles to keep your health in good condition: 

  • Always sleep with head towards South or East.
  • Vastu Advice for HealthNever sit or sleep under the exposed beam.
  • Face East or North while eating your meal.
  • An ideal kitchen should be located in South-east.
  • Avoid kitchen in North-east as it tends to create health problems in women.
  • North-east is corner for flowing water, so keep some source of water here.
  • South-west portion should be ideally provided to elderly people or main owner of house in order to keep them in good health.
  • To have sound sleep, keep mobile phones and any other gadget away from bed. Also keeping iron stuff beneath the bed creates health problems for people.
  • Growing bamboo plants in home is inauspicious, so avoid it.
  • Do not keep exposed mirrors in home and cover all mirror including laptop screen and TV screen etc.
  • Green colour is auspicious in North-east.
  • Avoid constructing kitchen and toilet together and ensure that both the place have maximum distance from each other.
  • Place under the staircase should be used for storage but avoid making any usable place here such as kitchen, toilet etc.
  • There should be no room or any other functional place over or below kitchen and toilet.
  • Keep the bed three inches away from the wall.