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Remedial Solution

Vasturaviraj highly specializes in correcting all forms of complex Vastu Dosh by means of Vastu-focused positioning and placement as well as perfect synchronization with the 5 elements of nature.The open problematic areas is carefully analyzed, examined and thereafter remedies are provided without demolition of existing structure to achieve the anticipated Vastu results.

We firmly believe that a structure at times may have blend of minor and major defects. This magnitude of Vastu Dosh depends on the direction where the defects transpire and the multiplicity increases. As per our Vasturaviraj’s guidelines, the Vastu Dosh can be corrected through the adjustments in the rooms, with interiors of the house, by shifting the placements, by utilizing regulators or using a few charged objects. Every Vastu dosh has some remedy and if done appropriately, the happiness and peace are restored back in the life.

In order to deliver the best results and eliminate the effects of Vastu Dosh from its roots, we also provide an auspicious series of Vastu Remedial Products.

for Existing Structures:

  • Balance your home and office environments, aligning celestial and earth energies using specific re-alignment tools and technology.
  • Correcting Vastu defects and providing remedies for existing Vastu without structural demolition.
  • Any on-going project, if causing delay or creating complications can be evaluated from the perspective of VastuShastra and with remedial measures, situation can be improved.

for New Structures:

  • Selection of the most favorable site for home, office or plot.
  • Planning & Designing of Personalized schematic building and environmental design based on clients’ requirement.
  • Interaction with your local architect to create construction drawings.
  • Advice on ecologically friendly building materials.


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