Shree Yantra - Large

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Shree yantra is considered as the king of all yantras, used for overall growth, hence it is also known as Yantraraj. The powers of adishakti Mahakali,Mahalaxmi & Mahasaraswati are accumulated in one word 'Shree' hence it is also called as Shree Yantra. It is available in 3D form which is most powerful & effective made from either an alloy of five metals ( pancha dhatu) or crystal. It is good for all round success, prosperity-health-harmony as well as physical-mental-spiritual growth. It is power of adishakti. Mahakali - destructing evil powers. Mahalaxmi - fame & finance. Mahasaraswati - centre for academic & spiritual progress. Reciting Shree Suktam is a best way to enhance the power of this yantra. Navaratri festival & Deepawali-Laxmi poojan is the best time to bring & worship at home or business.


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