Vastushastra : Importance of Eight Directions

Vastushastra : Importance Of Eight Directions

In Vastushastra : Importance of Eight Directions on 2018-09-06

This Universe is the creation of God.  In order to locate a particular place in this beautiful Universe, it becomes necessary to describe the address of the place. Similarly, God has created the directions to describe the location of different objects in this universe.  A story regarding the creation of directions can be found in 'Varaha Purana'.  There was no support of magnitude to the universe when it was formed.  There was need for a measure to understand the exact position of each object in the universe. In order to facilitate this objective, it was  presumed  that the entire area of the universe is 100 crores yojanas (an ancient measure), and 10 directions of equal dimensions (Dashadisha) were formed with an area of 10 crores yojanas per direction. As per mythology, these 10 directions are deemed to be the 10 daughters of Lord Brahma, the Creator.  Each direction was given a name and also provided with a guardian.

 The four main directions are North (Uttara), East (Purva), West (Paschim) and South (Dakshin).  North East (Ishanya), South East (Agneya), North West (Wayavya), and South West (Nairutya) constitute the four sub directions.  The remaining two directions comprise the Sky (aakash) and the Underworld (pataal).  This is of course a mythological reference.  It does not have any connection to any religion.  These ten directions are providing perfect location to mankind in identifying the position of each and everything in this universe.

From the point of view of Vastushastra we give prominence to the eight directions.  The number eight has special significance in India.  For example,  we refer to Ashtakona (Octagon), Ashtagunas (eight qualities), Ashtapradhan, Asthalakshmi, Ashtavinayak, etc. signifying special traits.The sub directions each have a special name assigned to them just like the main directions.  All other countries refer to a sub direction as the one which exists between two main directions. As an illustration North East (Ishanya) is referred to as the direction between North and East.  India is the only country having proper names to the sub directions.  We understand the relevance of the sub directions and have made an in-depth study of them.  A sub direction means a direction arising from the union of two directions. This sub direction has a combination of the main qualities of both the directions.  The name of the direction itself suggests it's nature.

 For example, East (Purva) means first grade, West (Paschim) means  the one which comes afterwards, North (Uttara) means where there is an answer to everything.  South (Dakshin) means slowly weakening. The sub direction North East (Ishaanya) means God, place for water element,  South East (Aagneya) means the place for fire element , North West (Wayavya) means the place for Air element and South West (Nairutya) means Nairuti (Demon) region of negative energies.