Toilet as per Vastushastra

Toilet As Per Vastushastra

In Toilet as per Vastushastra on 2019-07-01

The ideal place for a toilet (WC) is West or North West because this will enable the infra red rays in the sunlight to act as disinfectant and western breeze will carry away the foul odour.  Toilet is as important in Vastushastra as zero in mathematics. If the toilet is located in a wrong place, the repercussions are bound to be severe.

A toilet in the East, North East or North direction is inauspicious from the point of view of finance, academic progress and good health.  The tap should be towards East or North.
A window or ventilator should be in the West or South West.Location of a toilet in the South, South West and South East direction may result in sabotage, accidents, financial loss and blockages.  These days, an attached toilet-bathroom with the master bedroom is considered prestigious.

By locating the toilet inside the house, we have invited a major Vastu defect.  Toilet attached to master bedroom located in the southwest results in a very serious vastu defect. To avoid the bad influence of the toilet/bathroom, it should be located in the North West corner of the master bedroom that is in the western part of the house.