Storage Room as per Vastushastra

Storage Room As Per Vastushastra

In Storage Room as per Vastushastra on 2018-09-09

In every house we may find that there are many articles which cannot be discarded easily even though they are being used sparingly. The quantum of such items increases with the number of members in the family as also in the case of joint families featuring members from new and old generations. In present times, the houses are small.  More number of items lead to congestion and lack of zeal.  In short, we should have minimum number of items. This will lead to spaciousness and pleasant atmosphere.It implies that we should not have a 'Storage Room'. If it is absolutely necessary, such a room can be planned between the South to West directions as increasing the weight in the South to West results in stability.

Piling of unwanted items can result in gathering of dust. This can lead to a growth of fungus and germs resulting in unhygienic atmosphere. During the rainy season in particular due to the increased presence of moisture in the atmosphere there is growth of fungus which is detrimental to health.  Hence, our houses should be free of clutter.  Unwanted items in the house and especially the belongings of a dead person should be promptly disposed off.  In a bungalow type of house, a small room near the compound wall on the inner side in South West region should be built with minimum number of doors and windows. Articles not in regular use can be stored in this room and locked. This is referred to as 'Capping of Nairutya (South West) direction'. This controls and corrects the vastu defects of South to West and enhances prosperity of the family members.