South (Dakshin) – Don’t worry

South (Dakshin) – Don’t Worry

In South (Dakshin) – Don’t worry on 2018-09-06

There is a tremendous fear psychosis about this direction but in the real sense it is not so, because the benefits and the disadvantages one gets from this direction are of extreme nature between these two phases there is a phase of stagnation which gives us alarming signals to control themselves.

It is beneficial if the south direction is on a higher level. It is advantageous to have walls on the south side. It is auspicious to have overhead water tank in this region. The staircase on the south side is beneficial.

It is beneficial if a upper floor is built on the south wall. It can be beneficial for parking of heavy vehicles in automobile and cement industries. At the time of distribution of property the portion of the estate on the south should be given to the elder brother and the portion on the North should be given to the younger brother It is not advisable to have septic tank, dining hall and kitchen in the south direction.

It is inauspicious to rent the Vastu which is in the South direction. The tenant settles down and becomes arrogant and dominating. There are lots of remedies to overcome the difficulties because of house facing the south direction.