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Simple Harmonic Motion - Vastushastra

Simple Harmonic Motion - Vastushastra

In Simple Harmonic Motion - Vastushastra on 2018-07-31

According to Physics, an atom is the smallest part of an element and there is a nucleus at the center of each atom, which contains protons and neutrons.  In addition, there are also the electrons around the nucleus and these electrons are rotating in a specific manner around the nucleus.  They rotate in a rhythmic manner, which is referred to as Simple Harmonic Motion.  Vastushastra recommends that our vastu should be square or rectangular, so that the energy waves generated in the vastu will move in perfect harmonic motion. This generates excellent atmosphere in the building and it is beneficial for us in all respects.

Due to design drawbacks or elevations many a times there is cut in rectangle or square shape of Vastu as a result of which the harmonic motion gets disturbed and gives rise to disturbed Vastu energy pulse or vibration. Through a process of in-depth Research and case studies it is possible to secure recognition for Vastushastra not only in India but all over the world.  One should not confine to the profession of Vastushastra for the sake of livelihood.  They should also coordinate with the institutions dedicated for the research in this field and benefit from the experience gained by them through a vast number of case studies. This can undoubtedly elevate Vastushastra to great heights.