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Septic Tank & Vastushastra

Septic Tank & Vastushastra

In Septic Tank & Vastushastra on 2019-04-19

The system of installing septic tank is gradually diminishing particularly in the areas located in Municipal Corporations.  This  is a welcome development.  In such areas there is underground drainage system.  These drainage pipes or their chamber should not be located in North East or South to West.

  1.  The septic tank should be in the West to North West.  The infra red rays of the setting Sun kills the germs and the foul smell is carried away by the westerly breeze.
  2.  Septic tank in South West can lead to serious ill effects.  A septic tank in the South East gives scope for theft, short circuits, fear of fire or health problems.  Location of a septic tank in the North East may cause health problems, financial stagnation and adversely affect   the academic progress of children.
  3.  There should be minimum distance of ten to fifteen feet between the house and the septic tank.
  4.  The outlet of the septic tank should be in the West or North West direction.