West Facing House.

West Facing House.

Planetary Ruler Saturn (Shani) As the sun sets in the West, this direction indicates the beginning of darkness and the end of light.  In English language, we refer to Paschim as West and in short West is a synonym for waste.  A person with West entrance to Vastu gets very little success despite much effort.  Amongst all the eight directions, West direction is a cause of concern and the condition of the person with this entrance is unenviable.  Success always eludes the Vastu, which is in this direction.  People living in this direction suffer from poverty, failure and lack of interest. 

1.     Elevation in the West direction is positive.  This enhances the strength and reputation of the male members of family.

2.     Location of the bed room of elder son, storage, toilet, dining hall, staircase and septic tank in the West is considered ideal.

3.     Placing of garbage bin at an elevation in West is positive.

4.     Location of toilet in West direction is beneficial.

5.     It is beneficial to have overhead tank at a height in the West.

6.    A door in the West towards West of- North West is beneficial.