South-West Facing Houce.

South-West Facing Houce.

This is sub direction between the South and West direction. The name itself suggests the demon in it.  The North East direction is the direction of the Gods whereas the South West direction is that of the demons.  Two diverse aspects are continuously challenging each other from the beginning of Creation such as God-Demon, Good-Bad; Male-Female; Day-Night; Success-Failure; Fame-Disgrace and others.  Due to the existence of negative aspects one is able to appreciate the positive and vice versa.  According to the principles of Physics and Chemistry unless there is a balance between the negative and positive ions, electrical energy cannot be generated or any circuit cannot be completed.  

1.    Greater height in South West gives beneficial results.

2.   Higher construction in South West is good for health and happiness.

3.   Placing of garbage at a height in South West s positive.

4.   An overhead water tank in South West direction is always good. However, it must be ensured that there is no leakage.

5.   Main entrance in South West with door towards West gives Negative results.

6.   Staircase in South West is positive.