South Facing House.

South Facing House.

There is a tremendous fear psychosis at the very mention of the name of the South direction. This has been the experience during many of my programs and even T.V. shows. The maximum number of queries received relate to the South direction. Hence, I deem it necessary to dispel all the doubts and apprehensions in this regard.  It is due to this reason, I attach tremendous importance in explaining the features of this direction at length.

1.     1)  Elevation in the South direction confers beneficial results.

2.      2)A higher wall in the South side is positive.

3.    3)Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious.

4.       4) An entrance in the South of South East brings favorable results.

5.      5) Stair case in the South is auspicious.

6.       6)Construction of a floor bordering the wall in the South side is auspicious.