South-East Direction House.

South-East Direction House.

South East (Aagneya) is a sub direction between South and East at 45 degrees and is basically a region for the fir element. Fire denotes energy which in turn indicates speed, motion and progress. As per Vastushastra, the kitchen should be located in Aagneya which is the place of ‘Fire’ element. This will ensure that the fire element is in the proper direction.  A vastu with South East entrance is known for better financial gain or money inflow.   However, the financial gains obtained through this entrance can not be enjoyed by the occupant and it gents wasted in unproductive expenses.     

1.     Location of the kitchen in the South East is ideal.

2.       Higher level of construction in South East or if any shed is located therein, it is beneficial. It confers riches and progeny.

3.       Elevated steps in the South East ensures wealth and prosperity.

4.       South of South East entrance is positive.

5.       Staircase located in South of South East is positive.

6.     In case, a floor is to be constructed along South wall of South East direction, then the construction should commence from South West and upon its completion, construction should be done in South and South East respectively.