North-East Facing House.

North-East Facing House.

South West is the direction of the demons while North East is the direction of Gods.  It is venerable, pleasant and gives success.  These two directions are like opposite poles.  Thus the cycle of nature depends on two contradictory principles. 

Three things are very important this direction.  They are entrance, water and worship in the order of priority.  It the entrance of the vastu is in the North, North East or East, then bathroom, God’s shrine 

1.       A slope in the North East direction gives many favorable results.

2.       It is specially auspicious to have more vacant space in North East direction.

3.        It is auspicious to have pond, well or underground water tank in this direction.

4.       Entrance in the North East facing East gives mediocre results.

5.       Entrance in the North East facing North East is very auspicious.

6.       Construction of a verandah in North East is beneficial.