Nort-West Facing House.

Nort-West Facing House.

As the name suggests Air element exists in the North West direction.  This sub direction is between West and North at an angle of 315 degrees as per the magnetic compass.  It we introspect on the ten main features of this direction, the predominance of air element is revealed.  Air or wind is the Lord of this direction and is the resident of Gandhwati City which indicates a close relationship between fragrance (Gandha) and air.  The vehicle of the direction is Deer which is very swift and the weapon is ‘Dhwaj’ (flag) which flutters.  The swiftness of the deer and the flutter of the flag is indicative of the presence of air element.  Out of the eight aspects of wealth, this direction is the home of ‘Vijaylaxmi’ which is the embodiment of success and is also indicated by the flutter of the vicory flag again indicating the wind element. 

1.      It is harmful if the North West is higher than South West or South East.  It is beneficial if North West is higher than North East.

2.      It is beneficial to locate garbage bin in North West.

3.     It is beneficial to have toilet in North West direction.

4.     Location of water tank at ground level in North West is beneficial.

5.     Outlet of septic tank or waste water can be placed in North West direction.

6.      North West entrance facing towards West of North West grants prosperity.