East Facing House.

East Facing House.

The direction East means ideal. It is in this direction that darkness is destroyed and light originates. For all the creatures on this earth, the daily activities begin with Sun rise. When the magnificent Sun rises in the East, the darkness disappears and light originates.  It is this direction which creates the awareness of knowledge, light and progress in a human being.  The rays of the early morning sun entering from the East are gentle, healthy and pleasant.  East direction confers prosperity and health.  During the rainy season, when the atmosphere is cloudy and the sun is not visible there is gloom in the atmosphere. 

1.      If there is slope towards East and a bathroom is located therein, it confers good helth, prosperity and benefits of office.

2.      If the plot, verandah or rooms of a house slope towards the East, it ensures prosperity, royal fortune, authority of office and also helps in the development of intellect.

3.     There is prosperity if more open space is left on the East side.

4.      A pond or water source in the East will give best progeny.

5.      Flowing water in the East is auspicious.

A well located on a slope in East will give abundant grains and wealth