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Vastushastra Pendrive Education Course.

Vastushastra Education Research Foundation (VERF) popularly known as “VastuRaviraj” is the premiere institute of this nation providing completely scientific and highly extensive theoretical knowledge along with practical training in Vastushastra. With hundreds of case studies, project reports, assignments and complete comprehensive knowledge about remedial measures of non-structural demolition, this is a unique course.We at Vasturaviraj Group are constantly improving upon the existing system procedures simultaneously introducing new and innovating ideas so as to fulfill aspirations of Clients, Students and Stake holders. The latest development in series is that we have decided to introduce Pen Drive based system for imparting Vastu Education which will enable students located at far-flung areas to learn Vastu Education at home with comfort and they need not undertake arduous travelling to reach a designated training centre under normal scheme of imparting Vastu Training. The propo