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Basement as per Vastushastra

Basement As Per Vastushastra

Vastushastra does not permit the concept of basement.  However, construction of basement has become quite common and thereby we ourselves are inviting problems. A basement represents a sense of detachment as the saints and noble souls have used basement for attaining liberation. Even people from Christian and Islamic faiths bury the dead below the ground.  A basement is contrary to the principles of nature and therefore Vastushastra does not approve the same.

A basement in North East is permissible to a certain extent.A basement in the South or West is ideal for storage of grains or other heavy items.Basements are suitable for beer bars, gambling dens, casinos and other unethical vocations. A basement in the North East with arrangement for underground water storage tank is ideal.White colored paint is suitable for a basement.One should not enter alone at once in a basement which has been closed for many days. It is likely that such a place may be under the  influence of negative  energies on  a large scale.